HAMS Overview

HAMS-based Automated License Testing (ALT) is a low-cost and affordable system based on a windshield-mounted smartphone to monitor the drivers and thier driving. The smartphone is mounted on the windshield, with its front camera facing the driver and the rear camera looking out to the front. The view inside the vehicle helps expand the test coverage. For instance, the test can verify that the driver taking the test is the same as the one who had registered for it (essential for protecting against impersonation), verify that the driver is wearing their seat belt (an essential safety precaution), and check whether the driver scans their mirrors before effecting a maneuver such as a lane change (an example of multimodal sensing, with inertial sensing and camera-based monitoring being employed in tandem).

HAMS-based testing allows the entire testing process to be performed without any human intervention. A test report, together with video evidence (to substantiate the test result in case of a dispute), is produced in an automated manner within minutes of the completion of the test. This manner of testing, with the test taken by the driver alone in the vehicle (i.e., no test inspector) has proved to be a boon in the context of the physical distancing norms arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaibhav Balloli
Vaibhav Balloli
Ph.D. student

My research interests include Multi Agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning and AI for Social Good.