Video Streaming using Scalable Video Coding over Opportunistic Networks


Opportunistic networks provide delay-tolerant communication in the absence of network infrastructure. Video streaming is challenging for such networks since real-time feedback is not available and the network is highly distributed and disconnected. This paper proposes an algorithm to adaptively transfer video over such networks according to available network resources. Scalable Video Coding is used to ensure that video of minimal quality gets delivered. If resources allow, the algorithm transmits the video at higher quality. We present a simple implementation for Android devices as a proof-of-concept. For evaluating the performance impact of variants in the algorithm, we also present the simulation results.

2019 International Conference on Wireless Communications Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET)
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Vaibhav Balloli
Vaibhav Balloli
Ph.D. student

My research interests include Multi Agent Systems, Reinforcement Learning and AI for Social Good.